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Back End Development with Java

This course focuses on the server side of an application and everything that communicates between the database and the browser. In other words, all the “behind the scenes” processes. You’ll complete this course with gained knowledge of:


  • I. HTML/CSS/JavaScript Basics
    II. Terminal Basics/Git
    III. Java
    IV. Test-Driven Development
    V. Databases
  • VI. APIs
    VII. Web Security & Authentication
    VIII. Connecting with the Front End

Front End Web Development

This course focuses on user-interface and functionality within web applications. You’ll complete the course with gained knowledge of:

  1. I. Terminal Basics/Git
  2. II. UX Design Principles
  4. IV. Javascript
  5. V. jQuery/AJAX
  6. VI. React & Redux
  7. VII. Java Front End Frameworks such as Spring/Struts

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